Rent a Friend

Why rental friends is a great idea?:

1. It is important that you know that friendship is priceless, people’s time it is, and that is why it is increasingly difficult to find people willing to listen to us, accompany us in daily activities, which over time become more difficult to find with who enjoy them.
2. At a certain age our childhood friends or work colleagues disappear, they have their own families and they don’t have time to share with us.
3. You want to go out and socialize but going out alone is very demotivating.
4. You have an appointment with someone new that you do not know in person, and you want us to accompany you for your own safety.

Our service is aimed at all people who want a person who can accompany them on their outings, you can ask a friend to accompany you to get to know the city. Drink coffee, Shop at the mall. To accompany you on your outings when you meet someone new and want someone to take care of you and provide you with security.

Many people throughout their lives are alone and want to go out, we know what it feels like, that’s why we want you to feel that you will find a friend in us, we take care of your safety and organize departures, pick you up and return you.

Nuestro servicio va encaminado hacia todas las personas que desean una persona que pueda acompañarlos a realizar sus salidas, puedes pedir un amigo para que te acompañe a a conocer la ciudad. Tomar el café, Comprar en el centro comercial. Para acompañarte en tus salidas cuando conoces a alguien nuevo y deseas que te cuiden y te brinden seguridad.

Muchas personas a lo largo de su vida pueden querer salir, nosotros sabemos lo que se siente, por eso queremos que sientas que en nosotros encontraras un amigo, nosotros nos encargamos de tu seguridad y de organizar las salidas, de recogerte y regresarte.

Our Friendship service:

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