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Why you take Spanish Classes with me?:

I’m a spanish teacher than want to you speak fluently, understandably, elegantly, be able to speak apropriately in different ocations of Colombian culture… I can help you, I can teach you in a fun, understandable way, each class is very interactive, my lessons are private, I will be a tutor for you, a guide in our language, with me you will speak and write the way Latinos express ourselves, there are many ways of speaking in our country, city and continent, I can explain all these modifications that our people make to our language. «With me you avoid to speak like robocop. You will speak like a real paisa do».

What you see in my classes that make you learn?:

*Private lessons for you can have the maximun attention.
*Outside classes this way is more enjoy the way to learn.
*Tour classes in any place you enjoy, that way we can walk and see natural life and everything surround us i can teach you.
*Some kind of urban words that only you see in the normal life of people living.
*Socializate if you want in my classes, we can talk with others persons that we see in any place, that way you will be force to understand more fast.

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